About us


Due to the world’s daily demand of reliable and efficient service, FutureTrans commits to giving you peace of mind when it comes to transporting your merchandise. Our services are specifically adapted to your requirements to provide you with a fast and trustworthy solution. Whether by road, plane or boat, our team is qualified to assist you in your requests and tackle any challenge along the way.



We are strong believers that providing transportation services to our clients is more than moving their freight from one point to another, it is leaving them care-free of worries that may accompany the transportation of merchandise.


At FutureTrans, we are an all-inclusive stop because we provide services ranging from air, ocean, road and intermodal transportation to consulting, supply chain and project management. In addition, we are able to provide the transportation of any shipment ranging from a small crate (LTL) to a full truck load (FTL) anywhere in North America. Our customized software, powered by 1C, allows us to have all the necessary paperwork, one simple click away.



Every client and shipment we encounter receives the same level of professionalism and well-rounded attention from our specialists to ensure that we provide the most impeccable service.

Our team of dedicated experts is able to adjust to the specific demands of a client and present them with the most optimal solution for their freight.

We are confident of our performance, but we constantly monitor the efficacy of our services to further improve and adjust to the needs of our customers. Together, we want to build your way to the future.


To learn more about our service, please contact us to request a freight quote today.